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I would be honored and delighted to, with God's grace, make your video idea a reality. Please let me know what I can do :)

Fill out the below form to help me know how I can help.

*Each Video will have a base charge of $20.00 to cover the expense of different components I will need to purchase to make your video a success. This charge may be waived upon completion if it was not needed/used. 

*The additional charges added by the following form will cover time and labor.

Base Expenses Charge

Techniques you would like used

Length of Video

Once I have your Information, I will give you a call as soon as I can, to discuss the details. You may also E-mail me if you have any questions or additional details.

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 Video featuring LIVE a action Camera shoot (unscripted)


 Video Featuring Digital Animation / CGI


 An Example of a Text Video and 2D Animation


Specifically to Evan David Productions film division, for the purchase of a Camera, Editing Software, 
Adobe After Effects, a more powerful computer, special effects software add-ons,
and additional sound and video equipment.

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