\\ Youth and Children 

God has blessed me with the opportunity to speak literally hundreds of times to almost 100 congregations of children and Youth over the past four years traveling with Life Action Ministries, a revival ministry dedicated to seeking God for personal and nation-wide revival. Revival is calling the followers of Christ back into a loving, intimate, obedient, and "radical" relationship with Jesus Christ. Contrary to common misconception, revival isn't about setting up big tents and preaching to the lost, revival is actually for the church, for the saved! Revival is getting honest before God and others about what's really going on inside, and actively turning and repenting from sin so that we can have a thriving fellowship with Jesus. 

Over the past few years I have literally seen marriages restored, addictions destroyed, affairs confessed and cancelled, suicides halted, and disobedient children seeking obedience to God. All this due to nothing but the power of Jesus poured on obedient lives. 

Even though I've seen all this, the most amazing thing I've seen is what Jesus Christ has done in my own life. I am a completely three-hundred percent different person than I was when I started. Each year God continues to transform me, taking me into deeper levels of obedience, and understanding of His word and His heart. Life Action has three road teams that travel the country, I traveled on the "Conference Team" and we traveled to a new location almost every single week, usually in a new state! By invitation we move into a church and take over every aspect of ministry, from music, to kids, to youth, to preaching, all so the usual ministers can take a break and sit back and hear from the Lord. My first three years traveling, I worked with the 2nd - 6th graders, preaching, and acting, and storytelling. And my last year I was blessed to be able to work with the 7th - 12th graders in the churches.  I've also spoken on mission trips in Romania and El Salvador with a translator.

I would be honored to assist in any way, or speak at your church or event.


As you could probably tell from looking at the rest of my website, the Lord has given me a passion for Media. I love it! But, praise the Lord,  love Him more, or at least I want to. So one of my favorite things to speak on is how to Honor God in a media saturated culture. Seeing through the lies of Pop-Culture and seeking the truth about what God wants us to be thinking and living.

Below I've made available two sermons that I was able to speak on the subject.

\\ Emcee  

God has also blessed me with the desire to be up in front of people as a communicator. One on one conversations intimidate me, but give me a crowd of hundreds of people and I am totally in my comfort zone. 

Not only have I been blessed with the opportunity to speak to children, youth and congregations, but I have also been able to facilitate at parties as an emcee. This is one area I just love to participate in and would be honored and blessed to be able to do it more. I've hosted eight parties under the banner of Life Action Ministries, one talent show, a marriage proposal, and a wedding reception. Please contact me if you find yourself in need of a speaker or emcee!

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