Smuggler was first created by AJ Newell as an activity for Youth at Life Action Camp in Buchanan MI. The game was played once a week in the summer from around nine to midnight, students and parents showed up in black for a night of intense fun. Smuggler remains one of the most popular activities at Life Action Camp to this day.

Life Action Camp is an outreach of Life Action Ministries. Their summer family camps, where Smuggler is played, are designed to help your family pause, reconnect, and engage.

PAUSE. Family Camp is designed to help you slow down. There are 175 acres of meadows, wooded trails, and lake front to explore. There is no cooking or cleaning. If you have small children, they provide family assistants to make your life easier. You can enjoy the various activities, or maybe an afternoon nap sounds relaxing. It is a place where you can escape the daily routine, and just rest.

RECONNECT. With a lot of the day-to-day worries out of the way, you'll be able to focus on God and your family like never before. Each day, the entire family worships together, and dynamic speakers lead the adults, youth, and children in specialized sessions. You get to go on a date while they watch the kids. Even the silliness and activities are designed to keep you thinking about your relationships.

ENGAGE. After pausing and reconnecting, it's time to return to your daily routine. But it's our hope that you will be going back having made some life changes. We hope that you'll find ways to intentionally lead everyone you know in life changes of their own.

Sounds great right?Smuggler can also be played at their Quest father and son retreats.

Above is a Tutorial Video about the basic rules and definitions of the game. Use it at your Smuggler events to brief your players before your game starts. 

Download the Official Rules for Smuggler, as well as a guide for how to set up and facilitate your Smuggler event, and all the supplies you'll need to play the game.

By clicking the poster above you can download SMUGGLER propaganda to paper the walls of your campus and promote the game! Don't forget to #playsmuggler 

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