// Prezi

Prezi is an online tool for creating multimedia presentations. It's comparable to Microsoft Power Point, but with some major differences! I use Prezi as my main  presentation tool when traveling as a youth speaker. Most of the time my Prezi's are not content driven because I do the speaking and use it for visual aid only. However recently one of my PROJECTS has been to create Prezi's that can do all the teaching themselves. If I didn't get the chance to cover a topic during my week of speaking, then I could give the students a link and they could go through the content themselves via Prezi. 

Below is my first attempt, a lesson Prezi on my favorite subject to speak on, and the subject about which God has done a tremendous amount of change in my life. Media.

Use the "right" arrow key to navigate through the Prezi. Keep pressing it if nothing new seems to happen on the screen. A Full-Screen option is also available. 

 // Geneology

 A while back now I was reading through the Old Testament and came across the many LONG geneologies. I thought to myself, "If I'm going to sit here and read through all these, I might as well have fun with it!" So I set out to make one giant family tree using familyecho.com. God helped me have a lot of fun doing this, and I think it helped me grow closer to Him just by increasing my Faith in is word. Sometimes it's just the little things. 

So below are several different versions of that family tree that you can download and view in a number of different formats. I hope by looking at these things, it will bring you closer to Jesus :)


Standard format for genealogical data. For importing into many genealogy programs. 

The-Line-of-Jesus-14-Jan-2013.ged The-Line-of-Jesus-14-Jan-2013.ged
Size : 46.131 Kb
Type : ged


For importing into spreadsheets or databases e.g. Excel, Access, FileMaker. 

The-Line-of-Jesus-14-Jan-2013.csv The-Line-of-Jesus-14-Jan-2013.csv
Size : 69.696 Kb
Type : csv

// Minecraft 

Minecraft is an online "sandbox" game where you can create anything you want from mountains, to houses, to castles, to entire cities! The game was really fun when I first began playing. I decided I wanted to use my time I spent on the game for the glory of God, so I set out to build a "to scale" model of Noah's ark!

Each "building block" in Minecraft is approximately 1 meter x 1 meter. Converting the Biblical Ark measurements that God gave Noah into meters, I used that to figure out how many blocks the height, width, and breadth of the ark needed to be. 137 by 23 by 14 meters which is 440 feet long, 73 feet wide, and 43 feet high. (according to Wikipedia) 

I never knew or appreciated how HUGE Noah's Ark really was until I built it and then walked through it in Minecraft. God used this little video game and the model He helped me build to strengthen my faith in His word, and continue to believe that everything in it is True.

Unfortunately, my "Final Draft" of the Ark was lost! It had fully furnished interior with three decks, support beams, stalls for the animals, and living quarters for Noah and his family. The file below is a previously saved rough draft with only the exterior finished. Maybe one day I'll finish that one and put it up for download as a finished product :)

You can download the file and see it for yourself here:

ark world.zip ark world.zip
Size : 0.228 Kb
Type : zip
To install it, you'll need some technical know-how. I only know how to install it on a Mac. If you need help for a windows, you will have to Google how to do it.

For Mac:
Go to finder, open library, then application support, then minecraft, then worlds, and copy and past the world into that folder.
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